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New Kid On The Block

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I'm hoping aboard the Bet The Farm Train to dish out some of the coldest picks since the last ice age(until we turn it around)! The pick doctor hasn't been setting the world on fire, in fact he has been taking it up the tailpipe with heart stopping 13-33-2 on my picks. Tail me/fade me, I don't care but you'll get the betting content your looking for on a weekly basis; all you need to know when the pick doctor gets hot...HE GETS HOTTT! Just gotta start hitting my 3s!!

Pretty much like to gamble on all aspect of sports, but primarily like to stick to college football, NFL, College basketball and I'm an absolute sucker for the ponies! I will be posting write-ups on here and out on twitter @DRKEENAPA, give me a follow and let me know how much your making fading my ass!

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