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When it comes to gambling on golf I usually don't pull the trigger on golf picks, but when comes to the golf majors I am all in! You may be asking, "Pick doctor, who do you have winning this thing?"; sorry, but I'll add winner selections at the end but my favorite golf bets for major happen on the first day and the first day only. My favorite bet to bet is the first round leader, it's like throwing a handful of darts at the wall and seeing if one sticks, and the odds for day 1 leaders are usually have great odds. Also, there is not more exciting and a better way to start off a great golf tournament by catching one of your guys on a day 1 heater racing for the top. Then, if you end up missing on the round one bet then you get the remainder of the weekend to watch your champions picks battle it out.

Round 1 Leader Picks:

Jordan Spieth +4000 - This pick may or may not come as a surprise, but Spieth has shot -4 or better in the first round over the last five years at August. With those types of stats you could say that he feels comfortable teeing off on Thursdays in the opening round, which makes him a must use and a decent chance with these odds.

Rickie Fowler +5000 - Similar to Spieth, Rickie looks to be comfortable in the first round at August but unlike Spieth, Fowler seems to float at or just below par during the first round. I like to think that Fowler will come out during the first round and be able to shoot at least -2 and hopefully better to start the 2020 Masters tourney.

Adam Scott +4000 - A former Masters winner and possibly the best belly putter golfer on the tour, I don't know exactly that will help but like the others above him and Augusta get along like lamb and tuna fish. Scott has the kind of game that he always has the chance to go low at Augusta if his putter gets hot he could make a run for his 2nd green (gold) jacket. P.S. he is also one of my favorite golfers so I might be a little bias.

Ian Poulter +8000 - This pick is mostly out of spite; I don't like that I picked him but I would be even more pissed if this piece-o-shit ended up being the round 1 leader and I had to watch his dumbass do it. So just incase it were to happen it allows me to sleep at night if this POS wins as long as I cash a little cheddar on it. $$$ > Hatred

Charley Hoffman.......For some reason I always but on Charley Hoffman just because it always feels like he golfs his ass off when I don't pick him.

Matt Kuchar +8000 - Since they didn't feel like letting Charley Hoffman tee off this weekend in Augusta, I decided to throw a dart at Matt Kuchar. Mr. Consistent has shot some low rounds at the Masters and I'm hoping that he has one more low round in him.

Official Dr. Keenapa Masters Picks:

Round 1 Leader (YAHTZEE!!)

Jordan Spieth +4000

Adam Scott +4000

Rickie Fowler +5000

Ian Poulter +8000

Matt Kuchar +8000

Round 1 English Player

Lee Westwood +800

Round 1 Top 20 - Hopefully these pay for the rest of your bets!

Jordan Spieth +130

Adam Scott +130

Rickie Fowler +165

Ian Poulter +250

Matt Kuchar +250

Masters Champion

Xander Schauffele +1400

Tony Finau +2500

Jordan Spieth +5000

Rickie Fowler +5500 - Will bet on him every major no matter what, cannot face no betting on him if he wins a major. CANNOT

Francesco Molinari +10000

Top Australian Player

Adam Scott +200

A lot of opportunity to cash some tickets this weekend!

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