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It All Begins With a Buy-In

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

OH HEY-DER, HI-DER, HO-DER! Welcome to Bet The Farm!

We're super excited you stumbled across our page. Whether you're looking for betting/gambling advice, or simply seeking some cheap entertainment, we're looking forward to having some fun and bringing you a few laughs along the way.

I'm sure if you've found your way to this site that you've heard a great gambling story at one time or another. One that was so improbable, you couldn't help but shout, "that lucky Fucker!" Well we've heard and been apart of plenty of those here at Bet The Farm. From an Antonio Brown last second TD stretch over the goal line to lose a fantasy title, to that March Madness buzzer beater that locked up a 6-team parlay, to a kneel-down at the end of a game that ends up costing a boat-load, we've been through the ups and downs.

It's those types of dramatic stories that led us to become addicted to the sports betting world. It's not so much about winning or losing (although it's sure as hell a lot better to be winning!), it's more about the grind and the thrill of it all.

Every good sports betting story starts the same; It all begins with a buy-in. Laying your hard-earned $$$ on the line, pushing your chips to the middle of the table, seeking that next thrill or big pay day.

Well that's sort of what we're doing with this blog as well. We're a group of friends who are ready to buy-in together, to turn our reckless hobby into your enjoyment.


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