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Big's NFL Week 2 Straight Up & Confidence Picks

Our boy Cheddar Jack just put up a great blog with his ATS and Confidence picks for the NFL week 2 slate. Each week I'll supplement with my straight up picks and my corresponding confidence level.

Week 1 Results: 11-5

Week 1 Confidence Total: 88

Week 2 Picks

Cincinnati @ Cleveland

The Pick: Cleveland

Confidence: 4

Jacksonville @ Tennessee

The Pick: Tennessee

Confidence: 16

Denver @ Pittsburgh

The Pick: Pittsburgh

Confidence: 9

New York (Giants) @ Chicago

The Pick: Chicago

Confidence: 6

Atlanta @ Dallas

The Pick: Dallas

Confidence: 5

Detroit @ Green Bay

The Pick: Green Bay

Confidence: 15

Los Angeles (Rams) @ Philadelphia

The Pick: Los Angeles (Rams)

Confidence: 1

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

The Pick: Tampa Bay

Confidence: 8

Minnesota @ Indy

The Pick: Minnesota

Confidence: 3

Buffalo @ Miami

The Pick: Buffalo

Confidence: 7

San Francisco @ New York (Jets)

The Pick: San Francisco

Confidence: 14

Arizona @ Washington

The Pick: Arizona

Confidence: 13

Baltimore @ Houston

The Pick: Baltimore

Confidence: 12

Kansas City @ Los Angeles (Chargers)

The Pick: Kansas City

Confidence: 11

New England @ Seattle

The Pick: Seattle

Confidence: 2

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